Let the Claims Begin

OP Airdrop #1 is now live.


Details below. But first, a quick recap of what’s been an absolute whirlwind of a month:

Not Your Average Token Launch

A little over a month ago, we announced the launch of the Optimism Collective: our large-scale experiment in digital democratic governance, with a mission of realigning the internet with its constituents.

The Collective is a band of communities, companies, and citizens united by a mutually beneficial pact to adhere to the axiom of impact=profit — the principle that positive impact to the collective should be rewarded with profit to the individual.

For more on this in-depth, see our introduction to the Collective and make sure to check out the Optimistic Vision.

OP Stimpack

Shortly after announcing the launch of the Optimism Collective we announced a two-phase incentive program which activates 231,928,234 OP (5.4% of initial supply) to stimulate growth in the digital city of Optimism. This initiative, codenamed OP Stimpack, will incentivize builders both old and new to stake their claim in this promising digital frontier.

Almost 30 Phase 0 proposals have already been submitted, and Phase 1 proposals will open up very soon.

These proposals constitute the inaugural vote of the Token House, with incentives expected be distributed to projects over the coming weeks and months.

Hope you brought your sunglasses, because #OPSummer is looking bright indeed. 😎

Granular Governance

More recently, we also released the first Operating Manual of the Optimism Collective. This is the document which explains how the Collective makes and executes decisions.

In line with our iterative approach to sustainable governance, it is a living document—in fact, it has already gone through one upgrade based on community feedback!

We break it all down in This Governance Will Self Destruct.

17,000 Sybil Scalps

Optimism is for the people, not the sybils. We struck a devastating blow to those trying to game the system by scalping over 17k sybil addresses which slipped through our initial criteria. The recovered OP was reclaimed and redistributed to recipients of Airdrop #1.

How will the sybils ever recover?

Ready, set, claim!

In short: the Optimism Collective is not just a token—it’s so much more.

Nevertheless, Airdrop #1 and the Token House’s inaugural votes mark a major milestone. Now that you have a good picture of the story so far, it’s time to claim!

To claim, click here.

We've also made a short video tutorial to walk you through the process:

Towards the end of the flow, you will be asked to delegate your voting power to a community member of your choosing. Please take your time with this crucial step. Delegates will play a large role in shaping the future of the protocol, so make your choice count! You can also delegate to yourself and directly participate in votes if you’d like to follow along at every step of the journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out on Discord in #user-support.

Remember: the OP token is an L2-native token at address 0x4200…0042. There is not yet a way to bridge OP to L1, so any OP contract on L1 is likely a scam.

Just the Beginning

The release of OP marks the end of one chapter and the start of an entirely new one on our journey towards a more open, human-centric internet.

If you missed out on Drop #1, don't worry—we're approaching distribution of OP the same way we are governance: iteratively. There will be more drops in the future to support meaningful engagement with projects in the ecosystem.

We hope you're as excited as we are about the road that lies ahead.

In the meantime: stay cool, stay hydrated, and, as always…

Stay Optimistic! 🔴✨

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