OP Drop #2

*⚠️ Stay safe: ⚠️ there is no claims page for Airdrop 2. Tokens have been sent directly to eligible addresses. Do not interact with any website claiming to distribute Airdrop #2. The OP token contract address is *0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042.

In May 2022, Optimism conducted Airdrop #1, distributing over 200m OP tokens to 250,000 early adopters and engaged users.

With the introduction of OP, the Collective set out to establish a bicameral governance system that provides the foundation for our growing digital city.

Since then, the Token House has matured as the first piece of Optimism governance. 88k addresses have voted on over 90 proposals to distribute more than 55m OP tokens across the ecosystem. This month it will review and vote on Optimism’s first protocol upgrade proposal to Bedrock. And a total of 293k addresses are delegating their voting power — a positive-sum activity that helps strengthen the fabric of Optimism’s governance system.

At the same time, OP Mainnet is developing into a booming economy. Over 1.5 million addresses have sent 64 million transactions since our first Airdrop, spending nearly $15 million in fees on the network—saving an order of magnitude more in the process. Participation in governance and in the Optimism economy is what helps our Collective grow and thrive.

Today, Optimism is announcing Airdrop #2: 11.7m OP distributed to over 300k unique addresses to reward positive-sum governance participation and power users of OP Mainnet.

Optimism has committed to distributing 19% of the total initial token supply to the community through Airdrops. Airdrop #1 distributed 5% of the total initial token supply. This Airdrop #2 is roughly 1/20 as large, and distributes ~0.27% of the total initial supply, or 1.44% of the overall Airdrop allocation. 13.73% of the total initial token supply remains for future Airdrops.

Read on for more detail about eligibility criteria and distribution. If you missed out on this Airdrop, don’t worry — more news coming soon.

Who’s eligible for Airdrop #2

Airdrop #2 has been distributed to:

  • Addresses that have delegated the voting power of their OP tokens.

  • Addresses that spent more than $6.10 on L2 gas since March 25, 2022 — the average cost of a transaction on Ethereum L1.

A snapshot was taken on Jan 20, 2023 at 0:00 UTC to determine eligibility. More detailed information criteria is available in our documentation.

Why delegation? Optimism cares deeply about the power of crypto to create and scale new coordination mechanisms. A healthy governance system is crucial to the overall success of the Optimism Collective — and a key piece of healthy governance are delegators, the OP token holders who choose to transfer the voting power of their tokens to a community member to vote those tokens in governance. Delegation is a positive-sum activity that helps strengthen the fabric of Optimism’s governance system. This Airdrop is designed to reward the users who share these values and have put their OP tokens to use in the first three seasons of Token House governance by delegating.

→ To delegate your own tokens, head to app.optimism.io/delegates. (Note: this will not affect your eligibility for Airdrop 2.)

Why gas spend? Optimism is nothing without the people interacting with applications and products in our ecosystem. Sure, OP MAINNET is a heck of a lot cheaper than L1 Ethereum — since May, the average transaction on L1 Ethereum cost $6.10 compared to just $0.22. But OP Mainnet could still be cheaper, right? While we’re all stoked for EIP 4844 to make transactions an order of magnitude more affordable, sometimes you just can’t wait. This Airdrop provides a partial gas rebate for all those power users who’ve racked up more than $6.10 in gas spend since the first airdrop snapshot. Here’s to you 🫡

→ Explore applications on OP Mainnet. (Note: this will not affect your eligibility for Airdrop 2.)


But wait — there’s more ✨

Just like the first Airdrop, there are several bonus multipliers to recognize those users who’ve been especially involved.

If an address hits ≥1 of these bonus attributes, it receives a multiplier on the baseline drop amount it qualified for.

The bonus attributes are:

  • Substantial delegation: you delegated 272 OP for ≥ 200 days, or an equal multiple of more OP * time over a shorter period.

  • Gas guzzler: you spent more than $20 on L2 gas since May 31 2022.

  • Consistent Optimist: you used an application on OP Mainnet in six different months since May 31 2022.

  • Active delegator: You had ≥ 20 OP delegated at the date of snapshot.

1 bonus category = 1.05x. 2 categories = 1.10x. 3 categories = 1.50x. 4 categories = 2.00x

For a detailed breakdown of methodology and criteria, head to our documentation.

What’s next

There is no need to claim this airdrop. If your address was eligible for this Airdrop, you will receive OP directly to your wallet. Distributions began on approximately 19:00 GMT February 9, and will complete in the hours following.

Again, there is no need to claim this airdrop. Do not interact with any site asking for you to claim Airdrop #2. Always check the domain of sites you are interacting with.

Optimism has committed to 19% of its initial token supply for airdropped distributions. If you missed out on Airdrop #2, don’t worry — there are more to come. Having multiple airdrops allows us to experiment & iterate on this ever-evolving mechanism in order to further facilitate positive-sum behavior in the ecosystem. It's never to late to participate!

And, as always,

Stay Optimistic ✨🔴

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