A Very Onchain Summit: 2023 Devconnect Recap

This year at Devconnect in Istanbul, Turkey, the Optimism Collective hosted their first full day of talks and networking, aptly titled Onchain Summit: Superchain Edition. To say it was successful would be an understatement: hundreds of folks from around the world and across the Optimism Ecosystem joined the event. In a dynamic series of talks, panels, and workshops, Optimists came together to learn about the current state of the Superchain ecosystem, and share their vision for its future.

The Collective’s presence at Devconnect didn’t end there. Representatives from both the Foundation and OP Labs delivered talks and participated in panels at other exciting Devconnect events including ETHGlobal’s Pragma, AltLayer’s Rollup Frontier Day, Gitcoin’s Schelling Point, and more.

One of the highlights of the week was the announcement of Redstone, Lattice’s plasma-inspired L2 for onchain games and ambitious applications, built with the OP Stack. The Collective is also welcoming the team at Lattice as core developers of the OP Stack!

Envisioning the Superchain at Onchain Summit

The programming for Onchain Summit included three fascinating fireside chats, three illuminating talks, three informative panels, and five hands-on workshops.

To kick everything off in the morning, Optimism co-founder and the Foundation’s Chief Scientist Ben Jones spoke at a session called The Collective Becomes Self Aware. Here, he shared details about the RetroPGF, Law of Chains, and how they tie together for a vision of an “economically self-aware” Collective.

Next up, we were very fortunate to host special guest Vitalik Buterin at a fireside chat about all things Superchain and scaling Ethereum. OP Labs CEO and Optimism co-founder Karl Floersch asked the Ethereum founder questions on wide-ranging topics, from futuristic scaling solutions like plasma, to how to establish and maintain a strong core developer culture. This is an information-packed session that you don’t want to miss.

Vitalik Buterin wasn’t the only esteemed protocol founder to share some wisdom at Onchain Summit. OP Labs’ Head of Developer Relations Mattie Fairchild had a conversation with Lens Protocol and Aave founder Stani Kulechov about how the Superchain can enable the social layer of Web3.

The OP Stack’s Superpowers

There were a range of sessions that covered many of the innovations enabled by the modular OP Stack. Celo founder Marek Olszewski led a workshop on how his team at cLabs is transitioning Celo from an L1 to an L2 using the OP Stack; Test in Prod engineer Taem Park demonstrated how to sync OP Mainnet with alternative client op-erigon; and representatives from Risc Zero and O(1) Labs deliver a workshop that spotlights their unique approaches to the Foundation’s ZKP RFP.

Additionally, OP Labs’ very own Protolambda led a workshop on how to take the OP Stack fault proof system apart and put it back together to prove something new.

Check out Proto’s session here:

A Growing Superchain Ecosystem

There were plenty of representatives from across the Superchain Ecosystem who joined Onchain Summit to share how their projects were leveraging the potential of the Superchain and supporting its growth.

Bodgan Habic, founder of Tenderly, and Igor Barinov, founder of Blockscout, delivered a presentation on how infrastructure providers and developer tooling can adapt to meet the needs of an ecosystem made up of an increasing number of diverse chains. Base engineer Lukas Rosario led a workshop that demonstrated how two new tools built by Base, op-viem and op-wagmi, can help developers build cross-chain apps on any OP Chain.

There was also a panel featuring representatives from projects that have received Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) from the Optimism Collective, and how that funding enabled their important work; builders from Mode, Base, and Manta Network spoke on a panel about their experience launching and running OP Chains, and speakers from Ankr, Caldera, Gelato, and Altlayer shared how rollups-as-a-service (RaaS) providers have emerged to address the surging demand for custom-built chains.

Finally, Remco Bloemen from the Worldcoin Foundation spoke about lessons learned from Worldcoin’s migration to OP Mainnet. Here’s the full video:

The Finale!

We are grateful to everyone who attending Onchain Summit. It was an amazing event that was captured the tremendous energy and momentum of the Superchain ecosystem in a bottle (conference centre!) for a brief moment. There’s no better note to end on than the performance that closed out Onchain Summit, a musical medley by Ben Jones and Web 3 musician Shaka.

Until next year! Stay Optimistic.

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