Celebrating Superchain Creativity: Announcing the Winners of "We ❤️The Art"

Amidst a whirlwind of creativity, We ❤️The Art has reached its conclusion, after seeing 7,000+ submissions seize this OPportunity to share their art - we are thrilled to unveil the winners.

The contest witnessed an influx of brilliant onchain creators from around the globe, making it one of the largest globally-accessible art contests in history**.** It galvanized the superpower of blockchains as a global force, proving that onchain truly is for everyone.

We ❤️The Art started as an idea on how the Collective can band companies, judges, and artists alike to celebrate with one another. Like with the Superchain, we asked: how big can we go if we all go together?  The initiative led to many first time creators on the Superchain where we will continue to prove that this can be a home for creators, a place where new people can onboard with low fees and welcoming communities, and of course, we will continue to show that onchain really is the next online.

This contest had limited amounts of winners, but this is just the start of our creative journey together, a journey that you can help dictate. Optimism is not here to just change lives, it is here to upgrade the system, and the Collective will do so by working hand in hand with creators who are determined to do so.

Here is the full winners list.

As we celebrate the winners, we want to extend our gratitude to every creator who participated, shared their genius, and contributed to the vibrant tapestry of We ❤️The Art. Your passion, creativity and driving force is what drove the success of the contest.

Massive shoutout to our amazing Superchain partners Base and Zora, co-marketing partners, judges and the community supporting the contest.

Stay tuned for more highlights, spotlights on the winners, and upcoming campaigns. We ❤️The Art may be over, onchain creativity will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see what you create!

Next steps for winners

Winners will receive an email from wlta@optimism.io with instructions about their claiming OP prize. If you want to share your WLTA result, check out this template to create your own custom design!

Next steps for loving the art

We believe that artists have been told what to do for far too long, the Optimism Collective seeks to listen. We encourage people to explore Optimism Governance and help shape where the Collective goes in the realm of art next.

Participation in Governance

Good news! If you’ve received OP, you have the opportunity to have a voice in the most robust governance system in the ecosystem, and take a first step in shaping how the Collective embraces artists. We hope you use this as a starter in building the foundation for your journey into governance. You can learn more about the Collective’s Vision and how to begin participating in governance by delegating your OP.

And, as always,
Stay Optimistic! 🔴✨

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