Welcoming World Chain to the Superchain

Last year, Worldcoin Foundation committed to the Superchain vision for a more secure, decentralized, and equitable internet. As one of its earliest proponents, Worldcoin saw the Superchain’s potential to grow as a network of L2s that share security, a communication layer, and an open-source tech stack. The Worldcoin protocol migrated to OP Mainnet about nine months ago, and today World App is becoming its largest and fastest growing application by transaction volume, and has onboarded over 10 million people to the blockchain, globally.

Now, as the largest application on OP Mainnet, Worldcoin is graduating to its own dedicated network. Today, the core contributors to the Worldcoin protocol are introducing World Chain: a new blockchain built on the OP Stack and designed to bring all humans onchain. World Chain marks a major milestone for both the Worldcoin protocol and the Optimism Collective.

One of the main challenges in crypto today is that many transactions are made by bots, leading to congested networks and high fees which ultimately stifle the industry’s potential. World Chain aims to solve this by prioritizing transactions made by verified humans using World ID. Prioritizing verified humans over bots on the open and permissionless chain will help increase capacity so that people can join at scale and enjoy fast, inexpensive, and reliable transactions.

Initiatives like this are fast tracked by the OP Stack, and demonstrate the Superchain’s many launchpads for ambitious builders with bold ideas.

The Superchain: A Sustainable Economic Model

Projects like Worldcoin leverage the OP Stack to build on a shared standard blockchain software, and reap the benefits of scalability and low fees from building on the OP Stack. Optimism’s ecosystem gets a share of the revenue generated by chains, including World Chain, and that revenue goes back to funding open source development and other improvements to the network, benefitting builders and users alike. This economic model gives the Superchain the super power to scale Ethereum’s tech, via the OP Stack, and its values as a self-sustaining network.

By joining the Superchain, World Chain also benefits by being able to interact with other chains like Base, Mode, OP Mainnet, and Zora. Developers supporting Worldcoin continue to contribute directly to the Ethereum network, and collaborate with the Superchain ecosystem on shared infrastructure. Following the lead of early OP Chains, World Chain also plans to actively participate in Optimism’s governance.

Proving Humanness Onchain

The heart of Worldcoin’s vision is to bring all humans onchain. Optimism has collaborated with Worldcoin’s core contributors to put new digital identity tools into practice, allowing developers to use their World ID to access funds on the Superchain faucet.

The Optimism Collective envisions a future where the digital identity ecosystem expands, enabling people to signal their contributions to governance, DeFi, social media, gaming and beyond. Together, Optimism and Worldcoin are committed to a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks onchain identity and builds a more equitable digital economy for all.

World Chain is expected to launch later this summer. In the meantime, learn more about Optimism’s vision and the Superchain here.

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