Drop #4: Create together, benefit together

⚠️ Stay safe: ⚠️ Only trust tweets from @Optimism or @OptimismGov. Double check the domain -- optimism.io or app.optimism.io.

Today, Optimism is excited to announce Optimism Drop #4 (claim here), which gives 10,343,757.81 OP to 22,998 unique addresses. This Airdrop is a ‘thank you’ to the artists, creators, and pioneers who have played a role in creating culture across the Superchain and across the crypto ecosystem as a whole. This is also Optimism’s first Airdrop across the Superchain, celebrating the growing network of OP Chains who are choosing to build together.

A snapshot of addresses for Optimism Airdrop #4 was taken on Jan 10, 2024. More detailed information on eligibility criteria is available in the documentation here.

The Superchain has become the home for creative expression — whether it’s on Zora, Base, Ethereum L1, or OP Mainnet. Every great society needs artists, and creative contributions play a vital role in shaping the story of the Optimism Collective: over 200,000 addresses have created NFT collections on the Superchain. Creators and artists are helping the Optimism Collective grow and thrive, while bringing creativity to the Superchain.

Who’s eligible for Optimism Airdrop #4

Please stay mindful and only trust tweets from @Optimism or @OptimismGov. Double check the domain you’re interacting with -- optimism.io or app.optimism.io.

Airdrops use criteria to target constructive participation—ensuring that tokens go to contributors. Past airdrop eligibility criteria does not guarantee eligibility in future airdrops.

Participation in Governance

Good news! If you’ve received OP, you have the opportunity to have a voice in the most robust governance system in the ecosystem, and take a first step in shaping how the collective embraces artists. We hope you use this airdrop as a starter in building the foundation for your journey into governance. You can learn more about how governance works here, the Collective’s Vision and Governance processes here.

→ To delegate your tokens, head to https://vote.optimism.io/delegates.

What’s next?

If you missed out on Airdrop #4, don’t worry — there are more to come.  Optimism has committed to giving 19% of the total initial token supply to the community through Airdrops.  With the growing community of engaged users across the Superchain, there is plenty more to be given throughout the Superchain— roughly 560m OP remains for future airdrops!

Having multiple airdrops allows us to experiment & iterate on this ever-evolving mechanism in order to further facilitate positive-sum behavior in the ecosystem. It's never too late to participate!

And, as always,

Build together, and stay Optimistic! ✨🔴

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